Monthly Archives: November 2015

It’s okay to be skeptical of the Syrian refugees

It has come to my attention that the refugee “crisis” seems to be settled. Whether you’re a liberal or a Christian, the decision has been made and it is your duty to carry out this dream. Syrian refugees “deserve” to come here. Come one, come all. Liberals are for it because, well, yeah. Christians have tried their best to harbor good intentions, and I commend them. I just simply believe they are wrong. Now, I’ve been told that I ought to be “ashamed”, that I’m not a “real” Christian, or that I should “read my bible” all based on the fact that I have a more conservative immigration policy than what some would like. That’s also wrong, but I appreciate the concerns. Honestly. Maybe I can’t convince you that I’m not some heartless bastard who derives pleasure from seeing baby refugees drown in the ocean, but I’ll be damned if I don’t at least try.
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