Monthly Archives: September 2015

9-11-01: What to, and why, remember.

On the eve of an American tragedy, it is important to reflect and realize why we choose to remember these things, rather than forget. In reverence of the sensitivity of the issue, I’ll try to put my racism and bigotry aside for once. I’ve taken some time to detail 3 things, and this is by no means all-inclusive of what needs to be said about 9-11, we should all rest on as this day comes and goes.  Continue reading

Dear Pro-Choicers, “Zygote” isn’t your friend

Hey. You’re a pro-choice enthusiast. How are you? I’m well. You think it’s okay to kill babies, and though I hate the idea, I don’t hate you. Please don’t mistake my confusion and passion for hatred and bigotry. That being said, I have some serious beef with you. I’ve already covered why your desperate “WHAT ABOUT RAPE AND INCEST!!?!?!?!!?!??” plea doesn’t stun me, but something else has come up recently. Instead of shouting about extremely rare, and irrelevant, circumstances, you smirk, sip your tea, then simply say “Zygote”. You refer to babies as “zygotes” as a way to try and dilute your lunacy and ease your guilt. You try your darnedest to dehumanize the issue by dehumanizing the victim. It’s similar to saying, “Nah, don’t fret. I know your daughter was raped, but she was a whore. Am I right, or am I right?”. You raise your hand for a high-five and look around to see if anyone else has noticed your brilliance. Well, you won’t be getting any dap from me, and here is why. Continue reading