Dear Minorities, Stop Trying To Get An Apology Out Of Me

I’m a lion. I am. I promise. I’ve known it since I was a cub. What you might see now is a manifestation of the societal pressures I faced growing up where everyone just assumed I was a “white male”. I never understood it. Yet, what I found even more confusing was this notion of “white privilege”. I was thought to be white and I’ve been told that I’m inherently a worse person, and have a more favorable life, because of it. I’ve been told that I get all of the breaks. I don’t have to worry about getting into trouble. I am a lion, so hear me roar. 

Maybe it’s because I’m an assumed white, but white privilege doesn’t set well with me. I get told, quite often, of all the things that white people do to oppress minorities. Tyranny this, and bigotry that. I think I’ve built up enough “hate crime” credits to cash in for a moment of your time. I’d like to bounce some truths off of you. This seems to be a touchy subject so I’d like to preface this by, again, stating that I’m a lion so all hatred and violence I might receive in retaliation won’t go unnoticed by the people.

I kindly asked around for some questions for me to answer, but I was met with relative(okay, almost total) silence. Maybe it’s because nobody speaks lion. This leaves me to construct questions of my own and answer them to the best of my ability. I’d like to offer a trigger warning, but a trigger is a part of a gun and guns roam free and kill people, so…just warning: I am prone to opine.

Why do you even suggest that white privilege doesn’t exist? It is so obvious that it does.

     Thank you, me. Good question. Now, for someone to completely dismiss the notion that someone, in some case, in some point in time, doesn’t benefit from being white is a bit absurd. (See? I’m making concessions already) This is a far cry from claiming that white people have an insurmountable lead in the game of life, though. One can put a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn, but a great deal of fabrication was done to achieve these results. Minorities love to victimize themselves with this crazy idea. It becomes a win-win for them. If they are better than me, they beat me despite my head start. If they lose, what did you expect? This isn’t unique to minorities. Americans in general have grown fond of the idea that bathing in self proclaimed victimization, mistaking it for humility, is superior to just about anything. I fail to see the high ground in being a victim. I fail to see how that is better. If anything, like I just said, it sets up a win-win for the self proclaimed victim. A scenario set up of out selfishness and laziness. So there, I said it. It is born from a false sense of victimizing oneself and a misunderstanding of the virtue of humility. Much like the passing of my brother, Cecil, you people seem to enjoy finding trivial “tragedies” to occupy your time so you don’t have to focus on the real ones.

Oh yeah? Well, your silly words and impressive rhetoric aren’t going to cut it. I’ll need facts! Spit them out!

     *Deep exhale*. I figured my explanation would be enough, but that was wishful thinking. People like to point to trivial statements to show the glaring discrepancy between bigots(I mean, whites) and peasants(everyone else). Things like: You guys make more money than us! Cops target innocent black kids for fun! White people made drug laws to arrest, otherwise innocent, black people!

     Who makes more money than who? Do white people, per capita, have higher salaries than blacks? Yes. (Concession) That’s true. However, if we were so hellbent on domination and making sure we come out on top, then why do Asian Americans make more money, per capita, than anyone else? And it has little, or nothing, to do with white presidents because Obama hasn’t helped you guys, either. So shut up about Bush already.  If our sole purpose was to put down minorities, and your sole excuse is being a minority, then why does another minority beat us all? And If cops just love shooting black people so much then why, even when adjusted for population, do more white people get shot by cops? (Another source) (Another) And about those drug laws, black attorneys and judges played a big role in them as well. So, after denouncing what you’ve put before me, I have to ask what the real issue is. Seriously, what is it?

Well, you bring up some okay points, but I don’t really have an answer for you. 

     Don’t worry. I do. It’s a faulty culture. A culture of drugs, sex, violence, crime, and single parenting. Make no mistakes, this isn’t exclusive to minorities. ANYBODY who is nurtured in this culture is less likely to succeed, it’s just that it is more prevalent in minorities. The truth is truth. White trash meth dealers and inner-city gang bangers (and apparently dentists) suffer from the same faulty culture. That being said, and this being a common theme of mine, humans are over-comers. Pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, pursue an education, get a job, rise above what you were born in to. And I don’t want to hear about the lack of jobs because 215,000 jobs were created last month and the unemployment rate stayed the same.

You should at least apologize or recognize your own oppression. White people are inherently oppressive.  

     Never. Ever. Apologize for what? What did I, Cameron McAnally, do? Nothing. Since when did we have to start apologizing for things our ancestors, or people currently alive with the same color skin, may or may not have done? If that’s the case then Middle-Easterners should still be apologizing for 9/11, ISIS, and oppression on women. Blacks should apologize for William Ellison. Mexicans should apologize for Santa Anna. Japanese should apologize for Pearl Harbor. The list goes on and this list is dumb. OF COURSE they shouldn’t have to say sorry. The individuals didn’t do anything, and neither did I. I would never walk up to a minority and demand they pay their respects to me for what their lineage has seemingly done to mine. Moving on. I kid you not, I have been told that white people are inherently oppressive many times. My only response to this is as follows: If white people have inherent qualities, then what are those of the other races? If we are bigots by nature, then what are blacks by nature? Asians? Arabs? Hispanics?

Well, you don’t have to worry about doing every day things like we do. 

     I tend to disagree. I can’t write this post without being an assumed racist. I can’t even have a say in racism because I’m “white” to begin with. We can’t say the word “niggardly“(which has no racial bounds at all). White guys are almost always the bad guys in movies. A white cop can’t shoot a black kid even if he advances on the cop. Where is the outrage when an unarmed white kid is shot? Heck, I can’t even go outside during the summer without some heavy SPF. That is discrimination from nature, which can’t even be legislated. So now what? Do I curl up in a ball and beg the government for sun screen? Of course not, I go out and get some. I put forth effort into solving my own problems.

Yeah, but what about black kids getting shot for wearing hoodies? People assuming I’m a killer because I wear baggy clothes?

     I’d need proof of the first one. What I think you mean to say is this: “One should not be subjected to preconceived notions by an outside party based on what attire, logos, colors, style, or seemingly cultural representations one wears. The outside party’s ignorance or prejudice should not determine the meaning of how I express myself through my apparel”. I’d grant that concession. Honest to goodness. Let’s make that law. Now recognize that this fully applies to those who choose to represent the confederate flag. Touche? Touche.


     So, have I ever benefited from my skin color? Maybe. And so have you. But I’d say I benefit more from having a stable, two parent, Christian household. I am more so a product of a culture that is conducive to hard work and perseverance than I am a product of pigment. I just wish we, as a society, could move passed this racial narrative that seems to consume us. I wish we could be united under common ideas and put an end to much of the troubles we face. Obviously, we will never be perfect, but I imagine a world that is far better. One with self-accountability, one with strong families and communities, one with goals and people who strive to achieve them. That’s what I want. That’s what I want to talk about. In the meantime, as I am constantly pressed on the issue of my privilege, I refuse to apologize for not being apologetic about my lack of an apology.


2 thoughts on “Dear Minorities, Stop Trying To Get An Apology Out Of Me

  1. C. says:

    This post is so unbelievable in how offensive and smug it is. I highly suggest you listen to This American Life’s episodes entitled “The Problem We All Live With.”


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