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Dear Future POTUS, Regarding Israel

You’re probably really busy composing a playlist or labeling concerned citizens as “crazies”(keep in mind that I’ve only been politically conscious for the last 8 years so I can only assume this is what the POTUS is for), but I’m here to remind you not to forget about Israel. I have three pretty simple, and factual, reasons that you must support them until all three have been nullified. So please, Mr.Prez, I only ask for a moment of your time.
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Dear Minorities, Stop Trying To Get An Apology Out Of Me

I’m a lion. I am. I promise. I’ve known it since I was a cub. What you might see now is a manifestation of the societal pressures I faced growing up where everyone just assumed I was a “white male”. I never understood it. Yet, what I found even more confusing was this notion of “white privilege”. I was thought to be white and I’ve been told that I’m inherently a worse person, and have a more favorable life, because of it. I’ve been told that I get all of the breaks. I don’t have to worry about getting into trouble. I am a lion, so hear me roar. 
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The 3 Great Concessions

We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen it. A nice and civil discussion is moving along and then it happens. Someone feels the need to shout a misguided, misquoted, and totally unnecessary religious reference. Supposed Christians throw out verses they haven’t heard since they were old enough to stop going to church and atheists lash out using verses they’ve never understood.  Whether it’s the “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”, “You’ll go to hell if you have an abortion”, “Jesus never said being gay was bad”, or “Leviticus says so and so”, it always ends with a cringing silence and an avoidance of eye contact from everyone. It just kills the mood. I’m (as you can guess) very pro-civil discussion. Ethics, morality, legislation, it’s all fair game. I don’t totally blame the person with a loud mouth. It can be hard to know what the rules are if you never define the game that you’re playing in the first place. Don’t fret, beautiful people of Earth, because I believe I have constructed The 3 Great Concessions to guide and dictate any discussion. I believe that picking one of the three can easily clear the air and allow us to move forward with minimal hurt feelings and no casualties.
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Dear Layla, a response to a response

After posting a blog about my views on abortion even after rape and incest, I received a few responses. Two caught my attention enough to actually address. One, because a friend asked me to. The other, because it was a horrendous attack on everything sensible. The latter asked me to not even bother responding because she thinks my views are “silly” and that I couldn’t know anything about real life after only living here for 21 years. The following response is from an old coworker. I will attempt to break the response into manageable pieces(like abortion) to further state my case. Dear Layla:
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