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Rape and Incest don’t change my stance on abortion

By now it seems that most topics about abortion have been discussed ad nauseam, but a recent question directed towards me has enthralled me to give my two cents on a subject that is often dodged by those who claim to be pro life. I will try, in the best way that a 21 year old Christian conservative can, to explain why I don’t believe in abortion and why, even if you don’t agree with me, I’m not crazy. Rape and Incest are both detestable, vile, horrid, and cruel. They are all of these things, but they aren’t a pass for abortion. They Just aren’t. Life is life. Life is precious. Continue reading


Gay marriage is kind of queer. Pt.2

Q: ¬†Couldn’t it just be more true that you are angry with the government taking our side for once?


A:¬†Um…No? Not at all? Never? I’m trying to word that in a way that removes any doubt about my initial answer. Can we all, pitchforks and pompons (yes, it is pompons and not pompoms) alike, pause for a moment and realize what has just been said? Dear LGBTQIA, I’m actually going to bat for you on this one, so enjoy it.

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Gay marriage is kind of queer. Pt 1.

Queer, you know, like odd or strange? Let’s be honest, rulings like this don’t happen often and even less often with such a divisive wake. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about it, you know, because a 21 year old, community college attending, southern conservative Christian is the foremost authority on said topic. As my voice was fading with the millionth, or like twenty third, conversation I decided to put my fingers to the keys and construct my final say. It’ll cover most of the major issues and why I feel Christians have such a hard time getting their point across. So please revert back to this every time you get the itch to ask me about this…please. Continue reading